Good Turn

Good Turn

"Do a Good Turn Daily" has been the slogan for Boy Scouts for generations. Some good turns are big and some are small but each one is a thoughtful, kind, or helpful act that makes the world a nicer place to live.

The Good Turn Web lets you view all the Good Turns people have been doing with the App in-hand. 

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The United States

The United States

A fun way to learn or relearn the states of the United States of America.

Start with interactive map which links to facts about each state which includes the flag, population, area, motto, song, bird, flower, and more. Then move on to one of several fun interactive games that test your knowledge about the states of the Union.

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Livescribe Pen Timer 

A Livescribe Pulse Smartpen application that implements a simple countdown timer. The pen itself has several applications for recording written notes and audio. Many users had requested a countdown timer application even before Livescribe released a development kit for the pen. This application was also entered in the Livescribe Developer Challenge

NOTE: Unfortunately Livescribe has since discontinued their developer program. Alas, this product never made it to market. 

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