The United States of America

A fun way to learn or relearn the states of the United States of America. 

You start with interactive map which links to facts about each state. Which includes the flag, population, area, motto, song, bird, flower, and more. And there are even links to more facts.

Beyond the facts, there are several games that range from basic state identification, finding states on the map, identifying state capitals, to the challenging "motto madness," where you have to identify the state by it's motto.

Scores on the games are tracked in Game Center where you can compare your progress with your friends and others playing the games across the world. Compete with friends to get achievements and top spot on the leader boards!

Fun for all ages, highly recommended for K-5 school children working on learning their United States geography.

Designed for iPad.

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  • v1.1
    • Update user interface.
    • No known bugs.
  • v1.0.1
    • None known.
  • v1.0
    • After choosing a game to play, playing or quitting the game, when you choose another game a menu of game difficulties is shown instead of the menu of games. To work around this problem, choose the "Games" navigation button at the top of the game chooser menu. This will return you to the list of games. Fixed in v1.0.1.
    • All achievements are not awarding properly. This may be a synchronization issue with the initial release. They have been working in the development sandbox. Fixed in v1.0.1.
    • When using the iPad, if the home button is on the right side, the about box displays upside down. Holding the iPad with the home button on the left side does not have this problem. "You're holding it wrong." Fixed in v1.0.1.
    • Montana spelled incorrectly on home screen. The correct spelling is used in games. Fixed in v1.0.1

Beta Test Program

We are no longer accepting beta testers for The United States v1.0 iPad app. If you are interested in future versions, feel free to indicate your willingness to beta test v2.0. It may be some time before we begin utilizing the beta testers for v2.0, so don't expect immediate responses.